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Concept of Shubhmangal
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Bride & Grooms Quarterly Directories
Directories in two parts will be published quarterly in every year at the end of January, April, July & October months & the copy will be sent to those who registered for it before 10th of the next of the above mentioned each month giving details of Bride & Grooms belonging to castes given below.

Namsuchi No. 1 will consist the information of the bride & grooms who intend to first or remarriage of Brahmin, Kokanastha, Deshstha, Rugwedi, Yajurvedi, Karhade, Devrukhe, Gaud Saraswat, Kudaldeshakar, Daivadnya, C.K.P., Pathare Prabhu, Lingayat, Panchal, Gurav, Vishavkarma, All branches of Brahmin speaking all languages from all provinces in India.

Namsuchi No. 2 will consists bride & grooms information of 96 Kuli Kokanstha, Deshstha Maratha, All Sub Castes of Maratha, Kunbi, Somvashi Kshtriya, Kshtriya, Bhandari, Vani, Shimpi, Kasar, Agari, Mali, Koli & all OBC schedule castes & schedule tribes & N.T., V.T., N.T.S.

Last date for registration of name will be 25th of the January, April, July & October of each Quarter.

Procedure for registration for both the directories:
Directory will give details like full name, photograph, Date of birth, caste and sub caste, height, educational qualifications, occupation/service , monthly income, varna, gotra, nakshatra, gan, ras, nadi, their parents/mobile/land line and expectations about would be of bride and bridegroom. All this information will be printed in four colours & on Art Paper. The copy will be sent on demand & against Payment.
There will be separate charges for inclusion the information of bride & grooms in the directory & a copy of the directory. Those who needs only copy of the directory will have to pay the cost & courier charges.

A separate rate card for registering the name of bride or groom for online, get together or quarterly directories of bride & groom for different castes is given below :

Shubhmangal Head Office

Thane Office :
Ground Floor, Barve Bungalow,
Barve Wadi, Inside the gate near
Suhasini Shringar Shop, Naupada,
Gokhale Road, Thane (w)
Maharashtra, India
Phone : 022 25344003
Fax : 022 25345294
Email :
Website : /

Dadar Office :
Krushnkunj, Ground Floor,
Near Savtale House,
Bhawani Shankar Road,
Kabutarkhana, Opp. Swami Samarth Dryfruits,
Shivsena Shakha Cross Lane, Dadar(w), Mumbai – 400028.
Maharashtra, India
Phone: 022 24380673
Email :
Website : /

For Technical / Payment Query
Mrs. Urmila Phadnis : +91 9969166394
Mrs. Sanjana Pednekar : +91 9967330272

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